Revolutionary and patented technology renders videos with as few as 4 photos, human voice narration highlights the vehicle's most desirable features and background music matches contextually with each vehicle.

Video is a powerful device for driving emotional attachment to a vehicle and is proven by leading automotive insiders and experts to increase engagement, leads and sales. No one does it better than SiSTeR Technologies.


Stand up, stand out and promote your brand everywhere your videos play.

VidBrid (Video Hybrid) production technology integrates your logo, dealer imaging, contact information and call-to-action in each vehicle video for enhanced dealer branding – everywhere your videos play.

9 out of 10 vehicle video views occur beyond your dealer website so it's extremely important to capture the buyer's attention, leave a lasting impression and STAND OUT above your competition.


Full-Motion Video (FullMo) gives you the flexibility to create your own video introductions and walk-a-rounds of your inventory and tell your unique story. Shoot, upload and publish your video using SiSTeR's capture & distribution platform.

The power of personalized video in the palm of your hand…only from SiSTeR.


Generate thousands of new pictures from your personalized, FullMo videos.

KiloPix gives you the opportunity to generate thousands of pictures from your personalized full-motion videos. You can then use and publish those pictures alongside the vehicle's lot-taken pictures.

Save money on existing picture taking services or enhance that service with thousands of more pictures with KiloPix…the choice is yours

Automated Videos

Patented technology automates the production process to render complete full-motion video files, not just picture slideshows. Viewable from all web and mobile platforms.

100% Dealer Inventory

Unlimited video production for your entire new and used vehicle inventory. Produced and distributed within 12 hours of data inception.

16:9 Widescreen Format

Most of us watch television on widescreen TVs so why not watch online videos the same way. New standard for video presentation provides 33% larger video than the competition.


Our proprietary and patented technology matches pre-recorded voice over narration and text overlays to deliver a video in your buyers preferred language – Spanish or English…only from SiSTeR.

Dealer Outro Videos

Dealer post-roll videos provide additional branding, contact information and call to action. You can provide an existing video for inclusion or we'll create one customized for you.


Interactive and informative video overlays educate viewers on vehicle's history and certification. Only from SiSTeR.