Push videos to anywhere and everywhere car buyers spend time.


of car buyers are using the web to help make their purchasing decisions.

- Google


of car buyers utilize a search engine to help them with their auto search.

- Google


of car buyers search YouTube.

- Google


Our revolutionary vSHOC (Video Showcase) app adapts to all web and mobile platforms and serves up your live and interactive video inventory for instant search and response.

Based on the latest Web 2.0 technology, vSHOC can be used anywhere and everywhere you want – as a mobile website, in Facebook and other social media sites, as a landing page for Google and YouTube traffic, in email marketing and online advertising campaigns – even as a CRM tool.

vSHOC is mobile-ready and portable making it the only video inventory tool that works on any mobile device including the 25+ million iPads in use.

4DF Player

Gain more exposure and increase ROI of your 3rd party provider applications.

4DF Player technology integrates your 3rd party providers with your video player so your online chat, trade-in valuations, credit apps and others function from your videos, wherever they play - on your site, 3rd party sites or Facebook.

9 out of 10 vehicle video views occur beyond your dealer website and our 4DF Player allows you to gain more exposure and increase the ROI of your 3rd party provider applications.

Any 3rd party provider application can be integrated and upon clicking on the app the video pauses and the desired action is performed…at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you. Only from SiSTeR.